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Exterior | Audre Lorde House

House Details

Address: 625 N. Frances Street
Rent Range: $392-441
Number of Rooms: 15
Number of residents: 15-17
Adults: 10
Children: 5

Membership Process

Contact or or visit us in person.

In Our Words

Audre Lorde Co-op is a 15 room household which provides a safe space for people of all ages committed to advocating a sustainable and socially just society. We are an actively racial justice, pro-People-of-Color, pro-Feminist, and pro-Queer/LGBT-loving household. Our intent is to bring together individuals in an environment that fosters and is supportive of their activist endeavors as well as creating a safe place for living.

House decisions are made by group modified consensus. House members contribute a required 6 hours of their time each week for workjobs such as cooking, washing dishes, cleaning various common spaces, paying bills, grocery shopping, serving as a house representative for various committees of Madison Community Co-operative, and many other jobs that go towards the upkeep and continuance of the household.

Everyone in the house pays $95 a month to purchase bulk food which is mostly organic, and locally-grown when possible; we strive to buy from vendors that are owned and run by people-of-color and/or women. A vegetarian meal with vegan option is served during the weekdays around 7pm.

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