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Front Yard | Friends House

House Details

Address: 437 W. Johnson St.
Rent Range: $315-500
Number of Rooms: 12
Number of residents: 12-14
Adults: 11
Children: 0

Membership Process

Attend 3 meals, complete a written questionnaire, attend a formal interview following the third dinner, and submit two letters of reference (one character reference, one financial reference). If you currently live outside of Wisconsin, webcam meetings can be substituted for in-person meals.

In Our Words

Our community is brought together by a sense of playfulness and currently consists of 12 adults of varying ages. Our recent attic renovation has increased our usable common space, allowing for more game nights, studying hangouts, and guests from political, cooperative, and animal rights organizations. Our garden brings members together and provides us with valuable experience in growing healthy food for our 100% vegetarian and frequently 100% vegan house meals. We enjoy working together to find creative solutions to problems both in informal discussions and formal decisions made by consensus. We use consensus to make collective decisions with which all members are comfortable. This pushes us to consider all of the possible effects and implications of our decisions, and to ensure that everyone’s ideas and concerns are understood and recognized. Contact

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