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Pets Allowed?

Current Pet Situation:
3 cats, and 1 dog

Pet Policy:
Pets larger than a toaster must be membershipped and agreed upon by consensus. Limit of 3 cats. To membership, pets must visit the house for a few hours with their owner. Pet owners are required to have a back-up location to which their pet could move if issues arise. The person agreeing to provide a back-up home must provide a reference letter for the pet, including a statement of their commitment to provide back-up housing. There will be a 2-3 week adjustment period after a pet moves in, after which all members will have an opportunity to voice concerns at a house meeting. If the pet owner does not adequately address major concerns within 2 weeks, the house may require a pet owner to leave with their pet, or to transfer the pet to their back-up home within 4 weeks.