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Exterior | Lothlorien House

House Details

Address: 244 West Lakelawn Place, Madison, WI 53703
Rent Range: $405-545
Number of Rooms: 31
Number of residents: 35
Adults: 31
Children: 4

Membership Process

1. Applicants must come to at least three dinners, or other pre-announced
occasions like membership teas, board games, etc. This requirement may be waived for long-distance applicants.

2. Applicants must have a membership meeting, preferably at the second dinner. This may be done remotely for long-distance applicants.

3. Membership meetings must be announced 48 hours in advance on the house e-mail group.

4. Quorum for membership meetings is four members.

5. Accepting new members requires consensus to be reached at the first Elven Council after the membership meeting.

In Our Words

We are a community of approximately 35 people (both students, workers & others), along with one cat and two dogs (neither students nor workers), who share a large yellow castle on the shore of Lake Mendota. Founded in 1973, Lothlorien Co-op strives to provide a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for people of all ages, sexes, races and sexual orientations. Many of our members are politically active in queer rights, labor rights, environmental and feminist movements. In the spirit of our egalitarian ideals, house decisions are made through Formal Consensus at weekly Elven Council meetings.

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