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Exterior | Phoenix House

House Details

Address: 636 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53703
Rent Range: $312-666
Number of Rooms: 24
Number of residents: 24
Adults: 24
Children: 0

Membership Process

Come for a meal to see the house and meet folks! Email the membership coordinator ( to schedule a date for your visit. Membershipping: Come for 3 meals, then an informal interview session for you to meet the house and for members to meet you. We ask membershippers to attend at least 3 meals so that the house can get to know you and you have the chance to get to know the house. The membership coordinator will then schedule a membership meeting with you. The meeting consists of a question and answer session for everyone to ask you more about yourself in order for them to make an informed decision. We then put your membership up to a vote, and the membership coordinator would get back to you after 72 hours to let you know the result.

In Our Words

Phoenix Cooperative usually houses on average 25 members — both students and professionals with a range of different ages — bringing a diverse and family-like environment to our co-op. Living in Phoenix is a mixture of frugal living and luxury; we have a 110-inch projector screen and stereo sound system for movie nights in our large common room that features a functional fireplace, our game room boasts a large collection of VHS cassettes, board games, and a video game console with a variety of entertaining games, and we have a kitchen stocked with enough supplies to make almost any cuisine. In season, we grow a lot of our house vegetables in our house gardens. We firmly believe in taking care of our house, so cleaning is done very frequently, and maintenance is mostly done by members who are passionate about the upkeep of a 1928 French chateau.

We are conveniently located downtown, only a few steps away from everything. We are two buildings east of Memorial Union, and State Street is only a block away. Bus routes 4 and 6 stop a block away, and all other routes are just another block after that. All campus bus routes (80-82) are literally across the street from the front steps of our house. We also have a driveway for those who own vehicles. For those who bike, we have indoor and outdoor bike storage areas.

Phoenix uses a majority voting system to make decisions while querying all members for input – everyone’s voice is heard, and decisions are made democratically with safeguards to make sure no member is left uncomfortable living in their own home. Respect for each other is tantamount to cooperation. Phoenix operates on a committee system. Committee members work together to accomplish tasks for the household to function. Committees include Admin, Cleaning, Kitchen, Maintenance, Membership, and Social. We look for committed members who have a serious interest in living cooperatively as well as a desire to contribute your experience and energy to the house, even if you are just staying for the summer.

We proudly stand behind MCC’s mission of creating a healthy and safe space for every member, regardless of their background or identity. Our goal as a cooperative house is to create a sustainable and empowering community for all who want to partake in it, as well as offering low-income housing to Madison as a whole. We pride ourselves in carving out a safe space for those who are underrepresented and marginalized in the Madison community, and society as a whole. We accept people for who they choose to be, so long as there is respect towards the lifestyle of others and reciprocity in the gesture.

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