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Front Yard | Sofia House

House Details

Address: 1239 Spaight Street, Madison, WI 53703
Rent Range: $350-525
Number of Rooms: 7
Number of residents: 7-12
Adults: 7
Children: 1

Membership Process:

Three visits for dinners and an interview. Membershippers come to one dinner and then are invited back by the house for each subsequent dinner.

In Our Words:

Sofia Co-op is a beautiful two-story home with 7 bedrooms, 3 porches and a backyard with raised-bed gardens and a chicken coop. We have seven rooms, and our ages range from early twenties to early fifties. We all take turns cooking, cleaning and doing chores. We enjoy several home-cooked, vegetarian meals per week together. Sofia House is a beautiful and dynamic community that strives to be as eco-friendly, family-friendly, social justice minded, and LGBTQ affirming as possible. Our house is clean and cozy. We want to live with people who are more than just housemates, but rather part of a bigger family.

If interested in membershipping us, fill out the Google Form here… You may also email us at

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